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Spine Surgeon in Culpeper, VA

Spine Services

At Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Center (VOC), we specialize in effectively treating spine disorders to help relieve neck and back pain.

Our surgeon specializes in the care and treatment of back and neck pain and injury, and he is specially trained to perform many medical treatments, including lumbar decompression, epidural steroid injections, and minimally invasive spinal surgeries such as TLIF, XLIF, and ACDF.

The surgical and non-surgical spine services offered by our surgeons at VOC include:

Epidural Steroid Injections

Our surgeon performs non-surgical, fluoroscopy-guided (with X-ray imaging) lumbar and cervical epidural steroid injections to help relieve lower back and neck pain.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Procedures

Often used to treat pain in the lower back and neck, spinal fusion uses small incisions to remove an intervertebral disc and fuse the two adjoining vertebrae together to help relieve nerve pressure and pain. Our minimally invasive surgeries include:

  • TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion). Minimally invasive lower back surgery where an incision is made through the foramen (where the nerve root exits the spinal canal), helping to minimize soft-tissue damage that may result during traditional surgery.
  • XLIF (Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion). Minimally invasive surgery performed through a patient’s side to avoid major back muscles, ligaments, and bones.
  • ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion). Minimally invasive surgery used to remove a herniated disc in the neck.


A laminectomy relieves pressure on your spinal cord and nerves by removing the back part of your vertebra that covers the canal, called the lamina. This surgery is most often performed on the lower back and neck and is used to treat pain and numbness that radiates down your arms and legs.

Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Lumbar decompression surgery relieves pressure on the spinal nerves that can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness, as well as bladder and bowel problems in severe cases.